How to Spy On Cell Phone with IMEI Number

How to Spy On Cell Phone with IMEI Number

Every mobile device has a unique IMEI code. This code is printed inside the phone behind the battery. You can also check this number by dialing a sequence of the number on the dial pad.

This number is a unique identification number. It helps you to identify your mobile device. It is a 15- or 17-digit number. This number also helps you to find the location of the phone. If your phone gets stolen or missing you can use it to get the location.

It is very useful for location, but you cannot use it for spying. If you want to spy, you need to use a safe method. There are many alternatives available in the market.


Spy Apps

Spy Apps
Spy Apps

The best method to spy on a phone is by using a spy app such as AppSpyFree. You don’t need to know the IMEI code for this. You just have to install this app on the phone. After that, you can spy whenever you want.

It is the safest and easiest method. There are absolutely no risks as it works discreetly. You can use AppSpyFree to keep your activities to yourself.

AppSpyFree comes for android and iPhone. You can use it on all the latest phones. It is easy to use. You can also use many features with this app. With an IMEI number, you can only spy on location, but with a spy app, you can spy on everything.

You can use it to spy on calls. It helps you to record calls. You can track location and read messages. You can also use it for getting passwords. It is a complete spying solution packed with a multitude of features.

Steps to Spy on Phone

Steps to Spy on Phone
Steps to Spy on Phone

The spying steps differ as per the operating system. You can use it to spy on all the smartphones. Follow the steps as per the type of the phone.

Step 1: Download AppSpyFree APK File

First, go AppSpyFree website and use the link download. Download the AppSpyFree APK file at

Step 2: Setup Account

Now, you should install it after that register your account so that it stays connected. You also need to erase all the evidence before hiding the app.

Step 3: Monitor

In the last step, you have to go to your user account and log in at so that you can spy.


You cannot spy on a phone using an IMEI number. It is easy to spy on a phone by using a spy app. It gives you more features to use.

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