How to Spy on Your Friend's Phone (Android & iPhone)

How to Spy on Your Friend’s Phone (Android & iPhone)

Parents and Employers are not the only people who need spy apps. Sometimes you need to use spy apps to spy on your friends. If you suspect that your friend is in any kind of trouble you can spy on their phone to protect them.

The spying procedure differs as per the phone type. If your friend is using an android phone, you can use an android spy app such as AppSpyFree. The steps are also different. You need to follow the steps as per the type of phone.


How to Spy on Friend’s Android Phone?

Spy on Friend's Android Phone
Spy on Friend’s Android Phone

To spy on your friend’s android phone, you have to follow different steps than before. You have to follow the complete process to install the AppSpyFree on Android phones. There are no shortcuts for android.

Step 1: Download

The first thing to do is to get your friend’s phone secretly. Make sure you know their password. After that open a browser and download the app on their phone. The link is given on the site at

Step 2: Install

Then comes the installation. Install it manually on the phone. Open the file and do it.

Step 3: Register

This is the same as registration. Open the app on the phone. After that, go to the register option. Fill your information in the boxes. After you are done close the app, erase all the evidence of your activities.

Step 4: Log in

Again, to start spying, you have to follow the login process. Go to the site and log in at Enter your details so that you can access the app from your end. Once you do it, you can choose any option and spy on your friend.


How to Spy on Friend’s iPhone?

Spy on Friend's iPhone
Spy on Friend’s iPhone

You can use different spy apps to spy on your friend’s phone. Choose the app as per the phone type. If your friend is using an iPhone, you have to follow a different set of steps. The process is very simple. You need to add their iTunes details in the box to spy on them.

Step 1: Register

Before you do anything else, you have to register. By doing this, you can create a user account. This will be a personal profile from where you can check all the spying details. To create this, you have to register from the site. Use that option and fill in all the details correctly so that you can spy.

Step 2: Setup

This is the core step. In this step, you have to use the iTunes details. You need to access the panel and enter the details there. After doing it, you can see the app connecting with your friend’s phone.

Step 3: Log in

This is the last step for iPhone spying. To spy on them, you have to log in from your end. To do this, you can use your device. The login link is given on the site. You can use this link to login and spy on their phone.



This is how you can easily spy on your friend’s phone. You can follow the steps as per their phone type. Suppose they have an android phone follow the android process. If they have an iPhone, follow the iPhone process.

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