How to Track Your Friend's Phone without Them Knowing

How to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Them Knowing

There will be many situations in your life where you will have no other option but to track your friend’s phone. In such a case, you can use a tracking app or a spying app.

If you think that your friend is in trouble or going through something, it is better to ask them. But if they still avoid your questions, you need to track their phone. It will help you to know the cause of their problems. Apart from this, it will also help you to track their location if they are in any danger.

You can also protect her against kidnapping cases. It is very useful in case of a lost phone. You need to use a spy app that is discreet.


Phone Tracking

Phone Tracking
Phone Tracking

People always confuse phone tracking with location tracking. But that’s not it. Location tracking is a part of phone tracking. It consists of tracking overall phone activities.


By tracking a phone, you will have all the information about a person. You will know who they are talking to. Moreover, you will know which all places they go to. You can even check their messages and other activities.

Most parents do it so that they can monitor their kids, but there are many other people who track phones. Employers do it to protect their company. Partners do it to catch their cheating spouse. You can also do it to know what your friend does behind your back.

Benefits of Phone Tracking

  • Secret Tracking: The spy apps and tracking apps work discreetly, so you will be able to track the phone without giving any clues. You will not get caught because nobody will be aware of it.
  • Track Location: You will be able to track the location of the phone. You can check all the locations from the beginning to the end.
  • Record: You will have a record of all the activities. You can save all the information and details in your user account.
  • Other Features: Apart from tracking location, you will be able to use the other features of the app. You can spy on the calls. You will be able to track the location. Moreover, you can spy on social media. You can use all the tracking features.
  • Time Tracking: You will be able to track the time of all the activities. You will have a timely record of everything.

How to Track Phone?

If you want to track a phone, you need to use a tracking app or a spying app such as AppSpyFree App. To use these apps, you have to set them up on the phone. The setup depends on the type of phone.

How to Track Android?

How to Track Android
How to Track Android

If your friend is using an android phone, you have to use the android setup. Follow these steps.

  • Download: Firstly, you have to get your friend’s phone secretly. Make sure you know their password. After that open a browser at and download the app on their phones. The link is given on the site.
  • Install: After that comes installation. Install it manually on the phone. Open the file and do it.
  • Register: This is the same as registration. Open the app on the phone. After that, go to the register option. Fill your information in the boxes. After you are done close the app, erase all the evidence of your activities.
  • Login: Again, to start tracking, you have to follow the login process. Go to the site and log in at Enter your details so that you can access the app from your end. Once you do it, you can choose any option and start tracking your friend’s phone.

How to Track iPhone?

How to Track iPhone
How to Track iPhone

If your friend is using an iPhone, you have to follow the steps for the iPhone setup. It is easy than android.

  • Register: Firstly, you have to register. By doing this, you can create a user account. This will be a personal profile from where you can check all the spying details. To create this, you have to register from the site at Use that option and fill in all the details correctly so that you can track the phone.
  • Setup: This is a crucial step. In this step, you have to use the iTunes details. You need to access the panel and enter the details there. After doing it, you can see the app connecting with your friend’s phone.
  • Login: This is the last step for iPhone tracking. To track their phone, you have to log in from your end. To do this, you can use your device. The login link is given on the site. You can use this link to login and spy on their phone.


If you want to track your friend’s phone, you can follow these steps. Select a good tracking app to do it. It will help you to keep all your tracking activities to yourself.

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