How to Track My Husband's Text Messages for Free

How to Track My Husband’s Text Messages for Free

Most husbands seem to cheat on their wives. They are very clever. They use text messages to communicate with their lover so that their wife won’t doubt anything.

Wives mostly check call records and WhatsApp to spy on their husbands. Because text messages are outdated, they often leave it out.

It is very difficult to spy on text messages. There are only two ways by which you can do it. You can either hack their phone and read the messages or spy on it.

People mostly go for text message spy. It is easy to use. You just need to use a spy app to do it. There are many spy app that supports these features. By using them, you will be able to read entire text messages.


Text Message Spy

Text Message Spy
Text Message Spy

You can use a free spy app to spy on text messages for free. Free spy apps are easy to use. You don’t need to make any payment. However, you can simply use it for free.

You can check your husband’s messages without paying anything. Also, many spy apps are totally discreet. He will never know that you are secretly reading the messages.


Why do you need to track your husband’s messages?

There are many reasons why you can track your husband’s messages.

  • Cheating: You can track his messages to find out whether he is cheating on you. By reading his messages, you will know what he is doing and who he is talking with.
  • Truth: You can also do it to find out the truth. Suppose your husband is always lying to you. You can read his messages to know the truth. This way, you will know when he is lying.
  • Spying: You can also do it when you want to spy on him. Along with spying on calls, you can also spy on messages.

Free Steps to Track My Husband’s Text Messages

There are many different types of spying apps you can use to track your husband’s messages. You need to use a spy app that is free. There are very few genuine spy apps in the market. You need to be really careful. You can use these spy apps for free.



AppSpyFree is only for android phones. If your husbands have an android phone, you can use this app. It is completely free to use. There is no need to pay for it. You can track messages for free.

This spy app is very discreet. It works in a unique way. Your husband will never find this app. You can continue tracking his messages without any fear.

To use this app, you have to install it first. You need to use his android phone and install this app inside it. After that, you need to follow the steps to complete the process. Once it is done, you need to sign up. It will give you a user account. You can use it for tracking purposes. Now, you can simply use the Text Message Spy option to spy on messages.


You will get plenty of details using it. You can check the message type. Moreover, you can open the message. You can read the message. You can read the conversations. If there are any media, you can check it. You will get the name and number of the people your husband is chatting with. All information will be available with date and time.

Spy Cell

Spy Cell
Spy Cell

Spy Cell is also a spy app. You can use this app to spy on android and iPhone. So if your husband is using an iPhone, you can use this app. It will help you to track all his messages. This app also works with tablets and the iPad.

To use this app on android, you have to follow the same procedure as before. Moreover, to use this app on is the iPhone, you need to establish a connection between the app and the cloud account.

To do this, you just need to put your husband’s cloud details in the app. It will automatically connect with it. Now, you will get all the message details. But make sure, his message backup is on. If it is not, you will not be able to track his messages.

You can check all his personal messages. Moreover, you can check the media. You have to go with the Text Message Spy option to get the message details.


This is how you can easily track your husband’s messages for free. You can use any of these spy apps as per his phone type.

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