How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Cheating is not defined by gender. Men and women both cheat in their relationship. You will come across many cases were wives were involved in cheating on their husbands.

Yes, you have heard it right. Wives do cheat on their husbands. Because of this reason, husbands spy on their wives to know what they are doing.

The best way to spy on your wife is by tracking her phone. This way, you will know which places she visits. You can also follow all the different activities on her phone.

In this article, we shall explain to you how to track your wife’s device. You can do it secretly. You will never come to know about the spying.


Signs of a cheating wife

Here are some signs of a cheating wife. If your wife is showing all these signs, you need to start spying on her immediately.

  • Busy on her Phone: She will always be busy on her phone and hide things from you. She will chat till late at night and keep her phone activities secret. Moreover, she will keep her phone locked.
  • She will avoid you: Your wife will start avoiding you. However, she will keep her distance from you and avoid getting intimate.
  • Fight: She will fight with you for each and everything. She will constantly pick fights.
  • Never home: She will never stay at home. She will forever give pretences to go out and then disappear for hours.

Tracking Your Wife’s Phone

Tracking Your Wife's Phone
Tracking Your Wife’s Phone

Following a phone is a perfect solution to finding out all the secrets. People tend to hide all their secrets on their phones. By following your wife’s phone, you will be able to follow all her activities.

To track her phone, you need to use phone spying apps. These apps support monitoring features. The best thing about these apps is that you can use them secretly.

These apps work in a hidden mode while tracking. She will never come to know that her phone is being tracked. You can use the other features of a tracking app to track all her activities completely.

By using a tracking app, you can do all these things

  • Call: You can track all her call logs. You can see who she talks to on the phone.
  • Text messages: You will be able to track all her text messages. You can read all the messages.
  • Location Tracking: You can even track her location by using a spying app.
  • Social Media: You can even track all her social media chats.


Steps to Track iPhone

Steps to Track iPhone
Steps to Track iPhone

These steps are only meant for the iPhone. Use these steps if your wife has an iPhone.

  • Sign up

The first step is to sign up. You have to open an account. After you choose the spying app, this is the first step. To create your spying account, you have to go to the website and use the signup option.

  • Phone Details

Here, you need to enter the details of her phone. You need to choose the type of phone she uses and enter the model number.

  • Enter HerApple Id

In this step, you have to enter her apple id in the cloud panel. Before you begin this, you need to check if the backup is on. If it is connected with the id, then only you can spy. You need to know her apple id to use this method of spying.

  • Login

After you have set up the app and connected the id, you can log in at to start spying on your wife’s phone.

  • Location Tracking

After you log in, you need to use the Location tracking option to track her phone.


Steps to Track Android

Steps to Track Android
Steps to Track Android

These steps are only meant for Android. Use these steps if your wife has an Android phone.

  • Download

First, you have to download the app on her phone secretly. Enable sources and download the app.


  • Install

After the download is done, you have to open the file and install it on her phone.

  • Sign up

Now, you need to open the app on her phone and use the signup button. You have to create an account. You will use this account for spying.

  • Hide

In this step, you need to close the app and hide it in her phone.

  • Login

Now, you can simply log in at to the account to spy on her.

  • Location Tracking

You can use the location tracking option from controls to track her phone.


This is how you can track your wife’s phone secretly.

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